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James R. Weller, President & Worldwide Creative Director

Jim Weller
Writer/Director Winner of National and
International Awards for Creative Excellence. Named one of "The10 Best
in America" by Adweek Magazine.

Former Senior Advisor to the President of the United States.
Winner of The Cannes Film Festival, The Venice Film Festival,
The London Film Festival. Creative Director/Writer: The National Ronald Reagan
Presidential Campaign, The George Bush Presidential Campaign,
TheSummer Olympic Games, The United Way.

Advertising Campaigns: "Joe Isuzu" "Where's the Beef," Meow Mix
"Singing Cats," Alamo "Where All The Miles Are Free," Disney" Bring
The Magic Home," Transamerica "The People in the Pyramid," Citizen Watch
"How the World Tells Time," Foxwoods "The Wonder of the Connecticut Woods,"
Security Bank "Your Bank For Life," "Have it Your Way,"
Maxwell House, CBS TV, 18 Walt Disney Co. Movies, Consultant to CBS TV News,
Toyota, Oscar Mayer, Sheraton Hotels, Colony Capital, The NME Hospital Group,
Antelope Valley School District, NEA, The Las Vegas Convention and
Visitors Bureau, The National Trial Lawyers Association.